Powerful yet friendly design environment

By bringing the design environment to your local machine, you maintain ownership and full versioning control of your surveys Keep all of your surveys secure in your own company

Advanced List Management

Ensure your surveys are consistent by referencing common lists that can be used by any question or script operation

Piping of earlier responses and images

Dynamically replace question text and images based on earlier responses or previous survey responses

Powerful Scripting Language

The powerful QuestScript language gives a huge amount of control. Scripting errors are avoided through the design time validation feature

Deploy with a single click!

A single key-press opens the deployment wizard, and your survey is deployed and ready for use within seconds

Complex, Customisable, Tailored to your clients' needs

With a huge range of control types, you can collect data in exactly the way you require. Every aspect of the visualisation is customisable, and custom or proprietary data controls can be quickly and easily requested and deployed

Manage Your Surveys

The Insight Manager web applications gives you unprecedented control of your surveys. Schedule start and stop dates, stop, pause and start surveys, export data, monitor logs, and even create custom domain names

Monitor your Surveys

Insight Monitor allows you to track exactly how your survey is performing. Check the responses of each question, identify stop reasons, and check quotas

Show me how...

You can write and deploy your first survey in just a few minutes. Take control of your surveys right now.

Insight delivers Productivity, Flexibility, Professionalism, and Control in an increasingly demanding marketplace

Where we came from

QuestMetrics was formed to meet the needs of market researchers in producing complex, high quality surveys productively and inexpensively. Other technology with the sophistication required by market researchers tend to “lock-in” the survey and/or the data produced, and are very expensive.
In meeting the needs of the most demanding market researchers, whilst still being easy-to-use, it became clear that it can also meet the needs of any organisation that wants to collect, analyse and respond to information from customers, clients or the community at large.
This lead to the production of Insight as a tool to meet the needs of any organisation that needs to collect information, analyse it, and respond to the insights that emerge. In the process, the Company developed an open XML based standard for questionnaires and their data.
This standard (QuestML), enables clients to avoid locking their intellectual property and data into a particular tool or technology provider.

Our Aim

We identify and develop technology and services that help clients to easily and productively design surveys, questionnaires or forms, deploy them to the web, and deliver top-end quality data to their clients and end-users.
By providing this means of discovering what respondents think, and allowing new ways of interacting with stakeholders, we enable clients to leverage these competitive advantages and excel in the area of advanced data collection.

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